KnoppMyth vs MythDora vs MythBuntu

MythTV distrs

If you think about HTPC with open source software one of the best choices is MythTV. MythTV for one’s turn can be based on the different Linux distributions. That brief comparison three of them – KnoppMyth, MythDora and MythBuntu may help you do right choice.

Basically, all those MythTV distributions offer more or less the same features. And here your Linux preferences should be taken in to account. MythDore is based on Fedora. So, possible it’s the best choice for RedHat and Fedora fans. KnoppMyth is built from scratch using pieces of Knoppix 5.0 and Debian Sid and it’ll be suit for Debian folks as well as MythBuntu. Personally, I like Fedora because I started to use Linux from RedHat 8.0. But at home I installed Kubuntu with LinuxMCE (with also includes MythTV).

If you didn’t like Knoppix, Fedora or Ubuntu have a look that MythTV wiki page. It contains a lot of options, including distributions for XBox, PS3 and AppleTV.

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