Z-Wave devices for Europe

European Z-Wave module
Recently INNOVUS have announced a complete home control product family based on the Z-Wave standard for Europe. As you may know Z-Wave is one of popular modern technology for wireless home automation.

The INNOVUS products include:

  • MYHOMEGUI which can easily configure any of the Z-Wave devices and control of processes via PC or laptop;
  • House Control – the heart of the smart home. Information is sent continuously from wall switches, light dimmers and sensors etc. to the INNOVUS House Control, which reacts according to your settings or if something out of the ordinary occurs;
  • RAone Smart Dimmer – a dimmer which includes finger touch panel supporting many different light scenarios;
  • SmoothRemote – remote control which offer easy control all INNOVUS devices as well as other Z-Wave devices offered by third-party vendors;
  • Smart Switch – multi-functional controller offers a compact mini distribution center for the home;
  • SmartPower – an on/off switch, designed to reduce consumption in devices consuming energy in standby mode and features a finger touch panel for local control.

The good advantage of Smart Switch and RAone Smart Dimmer is built-in a power meter, enabling measurement of energy consumption. So, you’ll see how many energy you use. All INNOVUS products look very attractive and can be part of your modern home design.

All INNOVUS devices are compatible with products of other companies within the Z-Wave Alliance including Merten, Danfoss, Logitech, or ACT who use the Z-Wave standard within their solutions. They will be available from September 2007 with price €199.

[via AutomatedHome]

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