X10 to INSTEON translator

X10 to Insteon

X10 is a well-known, budget technology which allows to automate your home without spent a lot of time and money. But it has a serious limitations. The new technologies came to the market such INSTEON, Z-Wave or ZigBee look more power and attractive than X10. But what if you already did some automation using X10 devices and you want to extend it by modern way? Don’t worry. Simplehomenet thought about it and released EZX10RF which recognizes all 256 house/unit addresses transmitted by X10 RF devices such as keyfobs, remote controllers, proximity sensors, etc. X10 commands (on, off, dim, bright, all-on, all-off, etc.) are either re-broadcast, or translated into INSTEON Group commands or broadcast messages that are sent through the power line. The EZX10RF can also learn the codes of up to 20 X10 RF devices and associates them to INSTEON groups. Highly sensitive receiver and built-in antenna afford up to 60 meters with commonly available X10 RF devices.

You can buy the EZX10RF to extend your automation system with INSTEON devices for $114.99 including Free X10 Controller as promotion.

[via AutomatedHome]

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