Commercial HTPC with Video Disk Recorder

ReelBox Avantgarde

German producer of Windows-based home media centers Reel Multimedia offers one of its model with OS Linux and Video Disk Recorder (VDR) as HTPC software. ReelBox Lite features AMD Geode SC2200 CPU, 256 MB RAM, HDD (according to your requst), DVD Burner, two tuner slots: DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C or DVB-T compatible, 2x Common Interface slots – Cryptoworks, Conax, Alphacrypt, 1x Smartcard Reader – NeotionCrypt. Additionally, it includes a big LCD display (available blue, white and black colors) and IR receiver which allows to use remote control. Optionally you may add WiFi MiniPCI module to avoid wiring.

In spite of not so power system configuration (RAM less than 512 is a sclerosis not memory ;)) ReelBox has enough resources to press more featured competitors. It allows to view PAL TV in HD resolution 720p/1080i (possible it includes the latest or custom VDR version), up to three channels recorded simultaneously, simultaneous decoding via a CI Module, 2x LNB outputs, pause “Live” TV, ripping DVD, burn recorded TV show to DVD, listing Internet radio. The power of VDR gives you possibility to stream TV over LAN (Multicast/IP-Streaming), recording toHDD including EPG information, automatic recording of TV show by timer (the box can be waked-up at specified time) and even more.

I found the RealBox Lite only in German on-line shop with price at 839.00EUR.

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