Save energy with TED 1000

TED 1000

I already posted about about gadget Kill-A-Watt which can be plugged between outlet and an appliance and measure how much energy the appliance takes. TED 1000 does similar work but for whole house. Actually, it’s a simple home energy monitor that allows you to see electricity usage in real-time. The TED 1000 includes 2 basic components – a transmitter (should be installed in your main circuit) and a display unit which can be plugged into any outlet in the home. So, There are no wires to run. Data is transmitted over existing wiring in your home every 1 second, so no matter where you plug TED’s display in, it receives the data – in a real time.

The TED 1000 has a big LCD display where it shows current voltage, current wattage (KWH), peak for month, peak day, KWH today, KWH month, KWH Month To Date, KWH Projected. It also has the ability to show real-time cost. But you should program the rates into the TED. Additionally, device features serial port. So when API will be published it can be included into your home automation system.

With a price $139.95 the TED 1000 can help you save up to $50 per month (according to mavromatic’s worlds). Moreover saving the energy you make our planet more green. Sure one person cannot clean whole world but together we can.

[via Mavromatic]

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