MirrorMedia: TV + PC + mirror

Mirror TV PC

Mirror Media Ltd offers a cool device which contains mirror, TV and PC in one – MirrorMedia. It’s available four models with different diagonal – 20′, 26′, 30′ and 32′ and different PC configuration. The 20′ model features Intel Pentium Mobile 500MHz,
256MB SDRAM, HDD 60GB 2.5” 4500rpm, AGP Video S3 Mobile Savage with 8MB SGRAM 2/3D accelerator, Yamaha YMF724F – Creative Labs SB 128 Compatible, Line out, Line in, MIC, SPDIF, LAN 10/100 on board, Wireless LAN option, USB 2 x USB 2.0. To communicate with TV-PC you can use wireless IR keyboard & mouse. The keyboard includes built in track ball. MirrorMedia TV-PC works under Microsoft Windows XP Pro. The bigger models have faster processor and HDD, more RAM and HDD capacity.

In my mind it’d be much useful to add touchscreen functionality. In that case that computerized TV mirror can be used as control panel for your home automation system. In current implementation is just an expensive (I suspect its price won’t be cheap) toy. Nothing more.

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    1. Nils, 15. August 2008, 13:52

      Hi there,

      I am a totally enthusiast when it comes to PCs and television behind glass surfaces and mirrors! I just need to say it the best idea ever!

      I actually own one of them! 1 year ago I bought one from a company, which I believe was called Simply Mirror TV. Search in google and you will find them! I just can recommend those guys, they do a decent job!



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  • mirror tv luxurite, 31. March 2010, 3:14

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  • ken, 8. April 2010, 1:35

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