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Fiire Engine

LinuxMCE is a very young project. It was forked from Plutohome a couple months ago. However, a San Francisco startup Fiire already use it for its solution. The Fiire system includes three main components: Fiire Engine, Fiire Station and Fiire Chief.

Fiire Engine actually is a core/hybrid. It offers up to 6Tb of RAID storage for your media content. The Fiire Engine can be used as media center as well. It supports amazing looking Alpha Blended GUI with 3D effects and Full-HDTV (thanks to nVidia 6200 graphics).

Fiire Station
is a diskless, noiseless PC which is used as a client for Fiire Engine. It is available in 3 versions: a 1″ fanless vent-less wall or VESA mount, a set-top box, and a 2.2″ wall mount or horizontal mount. They have approximately the same set of features (maybe set-top-box includes more) and differ a form-factor. So, you can choose appopriate one. All Fiire Stations also support Alpha Blended GUI with 3D effects and HDTV although they use modern Via UniChrome Pro II PC graphics.

Fiire Chief basically is remote control. But it isn’t ordinary one. Thanks to built-in gyroscope the Fiire Chief combines remote control and pointer (like Gyration mouse). The remote uses RF to send commands with a range of approx. 50’. It has 3 specialized ‘gyro’ buttons in the middle that let you control every function using only those 3 buttons and gestural movements. Another cool feature of Fiire Chief is ‘Follow-Me’. Before only mobile phone with running Mobile Orbiter offers that feature via Bluetooth. Now because Fiire is able to track each remote individually, you can use it with your remote. Sure, the Fiire Chief can be used as ordinary remote. It has has a universal i/r remote built-in with both pre-stored codes and learning.

The Fiire Engine, Fiire Station and Fiire Chief are available with price $799.00, $499.00 and $149.00 respectively.

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    1. martin, 13. August 2007, 23:52

      “The Fiire Engine, Fiire Station and Fiire Chief are available with price $799.00, $499.00 and $14.00 respectively.”

      The first Two are minimum prices.

      The last item is actually $149 NOT $49.

      For a full system with 3 bedrooms and 3 controllers, 2 capture cards at least 1 TB of disk etc. you are looking at a minimum of $3,200 – add more memory in the engine, more H/D, add IP phones, IR and serial controllers, IP cameras, door phone, etc. and you’ll quickly get up to $10,000.

      But like anything, you can build over time. Commercial systems cost $100,000+

  • Michael Stepanov, 14. August 2007, 13:20

    Thanks Martin for your correction about the price of remote control.

    You’re right about the price of whole system. However, the advantage of Plutohome/LinuxMCE is that you may install at least minimum hardware. And later extend it easily. Moreover, Fiire Media Director is about $500. But you can find much cheaper. About $100 – $200 with the similar features. The same for core. It costs $800 but it’s up to you which hardware use. I dig Fiire products to get idea for my own 🙂

    But FiireChief definitely looks amazing!

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