LinuxMCE 0704 is out!

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LinuxMCE 0704 was released yesterday. Generally, improvements are related with installer and integration with KDE. The new version includes a new demo video which shows you major features and helps you setup your system.

To install the LinuxMCE you have to choices. The first one is to download and install Kubuntu Festy and after that download and install LinuxMCE on top. Another and maybe simplest way is to download DVD with Kubuntu and LinuxMCE and just follow by wizard.

The latest version of LinuxMCE can be downloaded traditionally from Torrent or from a few HTTP/FTP mirrors.

Release of LinuxMCE 0704 is a good opportunity to start automation of your home with modern open source system!

UPDATED: Don’t forget do a backup your Plutohome or LinuxMCE 1.0 system to be able to restore it on the LnuxMCE 1.1.

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