Elan acquired HomeLogic

Elan Acquires HomeLogic

Elan, well-known preeminent provider of home automation, communications, and multiroom A/V systems, has acquired an innovator in IP-based home control HomeLogic.

Once I explored HomeLogic via its web site when I was searching for ideas for an interface to my irrigation system. I was really impressed by a quality of user interface and a bunch of supported 3rd part systems like Rain8, for example. It covers all areas of home: lighting, entertainment, security, climate control, pool/spa, irrigation. Moreover, if I understand clearly the HomeLogic is multi-platform system. It’s based on Java technologies and can be run on Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista(?), Macintosh OX9/OSX and Linux.

Elan Home Systems concentrates on home entertainment mostly and according to CePro it has been perhaps a little slow on the IP uptake. So, the new alliance will be useful for both.

As I see currently commercial, proprietary systems are on the top. But I suspect that the future belongs to open source projects such MisterHouse, Plutohome or LinuxMCE. The main advantages of them are ability to test them, huge range of supported hardware (not proprietary only) and a bug number or users/tester/developers who can improve original system dramatically! But there are disadvantages too: pure user interface, unstable work, needed some programming/admin background. But it’s just a matter of time.

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