Send Multichannel Audio and HD Video over Cat 5

BVD-30 sender and BVR-30 receiver

New BVD-30 sender and BVR-30 receiver from AudioControl allow you split your TV and audio/video sources. The idea is to connect the source to the sender, TV to the receiver and wire the sender and receiver with Cat 5. That combo delivers HD component video (1080p), three channels of audio (left, center, right) and two control signals (actually bi-directional IR communications, 12-volt triggers, or other control signal transmissions) up to 1000 feet. Both sender and receiver are designed to reject noise and eliminate signal degradation.

The BVD-30 sender and BVR-30 receiver are shipping now at at $750 per pair. Unfortunately, it’s definitely not budget solution because you can by HD-Ready TV for about $1500!

[via CePro]

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