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Plutohome offers a few different methods to control A/V equipment. One of them is using of infrared commands. Only a small part of TVs, receivers and players has RS232 or Ethernet port. So, the easiest way is to attach IR transmitter to the core of media director, learn IR codes in case of missing of your device in the Plutohome database and send appropriate commands to your TV or receiver. Plutohome supports following IR transmitters:

GC-100 is the best solution if you don’t have media director near A/V equipment. In that case you can use it to send IR commands over LAN and then transmit them via IR sensors. Moreover, GC-100 includes one or more RS-232 and relay ports.
The rest devices can just transmit IR signals. They are good if you need to control your TV from the media director.

In my installation I’m going to control receiver Marantz 5600 placed in separate audio zone via GC-100 using its RS-232 port. Use instructions from wiki to know how to add Marantz to the Plutohome and how to configure GC-100.

P. S. Those devices can be used the same manner in LinuxMCE as well.

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