Energy Monitoring with Kill-a-Watt


A modern house is full of electronic devices which make our life easily and more joyous. But in other hand all of those devices take the energy and as result you’re starting to think how to reduce your electrical bill. To do that you should know how much energy takes each device in your home. The easiest way to get that information is some energy monitor device like Kill a WATT, which allows to measure energy consumption on a device-by-device or appliance-by-appliance basis. Just plug it into an outlet and then plug an appliance into the Kill-a-Watt. It counts consumption by the Kilowatt-hour just like utility companies and display those information on LCD display. You may figure out your electrical expenses by the hour, day, week, month, even an entire year. Based on Kill-a-Watt measurements you can decide to replace some old appliance by new one with an Energy-Star rated model. Better yet, you may plug-in Kill-a-Watt to your PC or media center and see how much energy is being consumed by the system even when it is turned off and use something like Bye Bye Standby to completely switch it off.

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