aOpen MiniPC with Santa Rosa chipset

Aopen's MiniPC Duo

MiniPC from aOpen looks very good to be used as a client for home entertainment system. It’s small, power and stylish. Personally, I like it a bit less than Mac Mini but for my purposes aOpen MiniPC is ideal except one thing – it’s graphic card. The point is that I’d like to use it as media director (media client) of Plutohome home automation system. But since Pluthome is based on Linux it doesn’t provide drivers for the latest graphic chipsets. As result, MP945-VDR doesn’t display UI2 Alpha Blended and doesn’t play HD video.

Anyway, the new model MP965-D is based on the Intel Santa Rosa chipset and sports Core 2 Duo with 800MHz FSB, SATA HDD, S-VIDEO, DVI and PCI slot Express. As I see aOpen MiniPC has two USB ports on the front. It makes it ugly IMHO. The previous version with power button only looked much more stylish.

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    1. Sam, 17. July 2007, 18:51

      So, what would be your best candidate so far, for a pluto media director ?

  • Michael Stepanov, 18. July 2007, 9:21

    One choice is a custom PC with nVidia 6XXX because it’s supported by Linux very well. Another possibility is PC based on VIA UniChrome Pro II graphical chipset. It’s also should allow to play HDTV. But for ordinary TV aOpen is perfect!

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