Extend your HDMI connection with HDMI 201 A D

HDMI 201 A D

The new Extron HDMI 201 A D seems a good solution for extending HDMI signals along with additional stereo audio and RS-232 control signals long distances over standard CAT 5 cables. It has a range for transmission of HDTV 1080p and 1920×1200 signals about 30 meters. The HDTV 720p and 1080i as well as XGA (1024×768) signals can be transmitted over 60 meters.

The HDMI 201 A D transmitter and receiver units are made in Decora-style wall plate form factor. So they won’t break interior of your house.

I’m thinking to get that extender for testing. Because it may help to avoid using one media director in Plutohome system. For example, let’s image that we have Core/Hybrid which can be used to watch TV. But it’s placed in the Basement and plasma is in your kitchen. What we can do to connect the plasma and core? Right, use the HDMI 201 A D. I suspect that 30 meters will be enough for me. I’ll post my experience here. so, stay tune!

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