Turn your Plasma to touchscreen


English-based company U-Touch Limited offers the simplest way to turn your large display or plasma to the interactive screen with its new product – U-Touch screen overlay. Just attach it over the front of your plasma or LCD flat panel monitor and you can use it to control your home or HTPC without remote control or keyboard.

The U-Touch screen overlay is connected to the PC via USB and uses Windows or Mac based software to implement touchscreen. It can be placed even to window and will allow to interact with a monitor behind it. It possible to attache the U-Touch to the LCD or plasma with diagonal from 30 to 100 inch. So, it’s cover all range of existing “big screens”. The speed response is also acceptable. For example, 13 msec through 4 mm glass.

It sounds very attractive except fact that Linux doesn’t support. Also the price is unavailable. But I suspect that the big plasma with touchscreen (if it exists) will cost much more than the simple one with the U-Touch screen overlay.

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