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Recently I got GC100 in my hand to test it with Plutohome. By default GC100 has IP So, that howto suggests to connect it to the PC using crossover, change IP of PC to something like to be in one network and access to the GC100 properties via web interface – So, I followed by that recommendations. I changed IP of GC100 to and exclude it from DHCP range. After that I put CG100 into Pluthome network and tried to add it but without luck. It seems that devices is not accessible by some reason. I even couldn’t ping it.

Well, after that I tried another way to install GC100. I discovered that core has virtual interface eth1:100 which builds network 192.168.1.* for GC100. I reset my device to factory settings (it can be done by connecting pins 7 and 2 on connector serial 1 with a flat bladed screw driver during power up) and let to Pluto discover it. But unfortunately, again without luck. I saw in tcpdump output that Pluto asked GC100 by its factory IP three times but devices didn’t answer by some reason. I connected GC100 to my Pluthome core using crossover. So, it should work but it doesn’t.

Anyway, it’s the matter of time. I’m sure it’ll work soon 🙂

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    1. Sam, 10. July 2007, 17:18

      Maybe I can help here… I had similar issues and found out that the MAC address detection was not working, so I hardcoded it in the script /usr/pluto/bin/

      replacing this:

      sub get_gc100mac {
      `curl -o gc100mac1 –silent`;
      `curl -o gc100mac2 –silent`;

      by this:

      sub get_gc100mac {
      return “00-0C-1E-00-84-D1”;
      `curl -o gc100mac1 –silent`;
      `curl -o gc100mac2 –silent`;

      From then on the gc100 was recognized and configured by plutohome.
      I have not played with the relays or infrared or serial port yet…

  • Michael Stepanov, 10. July 2007, 18:44

    Thanks a lot, Sam, for your suggestion. I’ll try again with your approach tonight.

  • Zaerc, 4. August 2007, 1:28

    Thanks, that was very helpfull in connecting my gc100 to LinuxMCE-1.1 RC1.

    I noticed that the pluto wiki seems to fix this by manually configuring it through the web admin. Just makes me wonder, could there be different versions of the gc100 firmware around? Or does this simply fail for everyone…

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