Save water with Cyber-Rain Sprinkler System

Cyber-Rain Sprinkler System

The Cyber-Rain XCI is an eight-zone sprinkler controller system based on ZigBee wireless protocol. Together with PC-based software, it allows conveniently set watering schedule and reduce consumption of water. Because Zigbee is a two-way communications protocol, the sprinkler system talks back to the PC, enabling users to track water usage. The controller reports every time each sprinkler comes on. You can use the activity report for fine-tuning the sprinkling schedule or keeping track of water usage for individual zones.

The Cyber-Rain XCI automatically checks the local weather forecast several times a day via the Internet (I suspect it needs a PC for that) and makes appropriate adjustments to the watering schedule. The system also takes humidity into account. It’s good but the most appropriate way is to connect the sprinkler system with weather station and use temperature, humidity, presence of rain from there instead of the forecast.

Cyber-Rain XCI is currently available and priced at $295 for the first sprinkler controller system, and $245 for additional controllers.

[via Electronic House]

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    1. Jason Porter, 11. July 2007, 4:09

      Actually the forecast works much better as it is the overview of the day rather than the snapshot of time you turn on your sprinklers. For instance, where I am, I start my sprinklers at 5:30 where the temperature might be 50 degrees but the high of the day maybe 80 degrees.

  • Michael Stepanov, 11. July 2007, 9:12

    Hi Jason, I agree with you but sometimes the forecast is not fully correct. For example, we has a temperature about 40 degrees on Cyprus last month but on the forecast was just 33 🙂

    Anyway, what sprinkler and what home control system do you use?

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