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Since the Nokia770/N800 Orbiter for Plutohome works fine I started to port my changes to coming version. The good opportunity to do that was request one of Plutohome user who built from the sources and would like to test Nokia Orbiter there.

I was very surprised when I started compile the Orbiter. I didn’t see any warnings about unusable variables or wrong type casting! Respect Plutohome developers for cleaning their code. This is a sure sign of coming stable version because the current one is still beta with all the ensuing consequences. Also, the logger functionality was changed. Probably, it’ll make logging process more efficient.

If you managed to build and run Plutohome you can download the latest Orbiter (currently for os2006 only and as TAR file), test it and send bug-report. Good luck!

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    1. Chris, 4. August 2007, 12:43

      Are you trying to get Bluetooth follow-me to work at all on this device? It would be great if pages continued to be served by wifi but BT was used only for proximity detection.

  • Michael Stepanov, 6. August 2007, 12:35

    Unfortunately, it’s impossible in the current implementation of the Orbiter. Because we run ordinary SDL Orbiter on Nokia770/N800 but to be able to use follow-me feature you need mobile Orbiter which is completely different. And its idea do not change screen of the Orbiter but switch ON/OFF A/V devices according to your movements.

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