A new upgrade of the Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition


According to Maemo.com Nokia has released an update for its Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition. The update (version number 4.2007.26-8) includes Skype client support, Adobe® Flash® 9 browser plug-in, improvements in online use times and single memory card support up to 8 GB. Another great improvements are increasing battery life in case of using wireless connection and better sensitiveness of touch screen.

So, it’s a good opportunity to re-flash my N800 and check how it affect the Plutohome Orbiter work.

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    1. Kirill Belokurov, 7. July 2007, 1:35

      Good news, but unfortunately Nokia seem to stop support of N770 completely, which is really sad

  • Michael Stepanov, 7. July 2007, 20:00

    It isn’t a big deal. You can build your own image for Nokia770. And I’m 99% sure that Nokia geeks will release new versions OS for Nokia770 like os2007 Hackers Edition.

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