MIRV: Linux based A/V distribution system


Xperinet’s MIRV is an audio/video distribution system. It uses expandable client-server architecture and based on Linux (nice ti know that). The server can store up to 900 DVDs. You can upload DVD or CD directly to the server or use client’s DVD drive. Moreover, MIRV can stream up to 20 independent video threads at one time. Optionally, you may get NTSC video capture of VHS tapes to transfer all your favorite VHS movies to the your digital library.

Client allows to get video or audio content over your Ethernet network from the MIRV server and play it on TV in the any location of your house. It supports HD decoding capability up to 1080p. So, you’ll keep up to date.

User can control the MIRV via an On-Screen Display with included IR remote control or using control panel such as Crestron, AMX, Vantage, etc.

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