SysMaster Tornado M20

SysMaster Tornado M20

SysMaster used embedded Linux to create a four-line IP video phone with built-in PBX and audio/video playback capabilities. Tornado M20 appears to be based on a very similar hardware platform with M10 – STB with amazing features and functionality. The M20 connects to local networks via wired or WiFi interfaces. it supports standard SIP-based VoIP registrars, proxies, or outbound proxy servers.

For comfort work with M20 it sports 3.5-inch color LCD display, along with a telephone keypad and handset. It can be connected to the TV via analog RCA video and stereo audio ports.

The M20 is already available with a suggested retail price of $260.

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    1. voip phone service, 3. April 2011, 14:24

      SysMaster Tornado M20 is great IP video phone VoIP thesis Intro ….. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and a newset of applications that lets you make phone calls through an Internet connection to broadband. VoIP can be used to call any phone anywhere in the world. No matter if the person who called VoIP or not,everything is taken care of by your VoIP service.

  • VoIP Phones Ireland, 13. September 2011, 11:26

    SysMaster is really useful and worldwide acceptable application. It provides features like, it provides user-friendly GUI, it is compatible with all other vendors, it supports routed mode, proxy mode and static mode, it is scalable to 10,000 concurrent calls and provide multiple authentication methods, etc.

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