Automate your home with HouseBot


A new version of HouseBot, Windows based home automation system, was released recently. The HouseBot offers following features:

  • Automatic or manually executed Tasks
  • Device / Equipment control and monitoring
  • Control programs on computer
  • Extensible through VBScript
  • Remote Control
  • Customizable Remote User Interfaces
  • Plugin architecture

The system can be controlled via native application on a variety of Windows, Windows CE, and PocketPC platforms (web interface is described by HouseBot developers as clunky :)). HouseBot supports following hardware:

  • ADI Ocelot / Leopard
  • Global Cache GC-100
  • Modem / Phone
  • PowerLinc USB
  • Slink-e
  • W800
  • X10 CM11a, CM11g
  • X10 MR26a
  • Z-Wave USB
  • Insteon (coming soon)

The HouseBot version 3.0 is available at price $69.99 USD (30-days trial version is also available). It allows to add your own extension as VBScript program or plugins. So, it’s good solution especially if you’re Windows geek.

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