Build media center with My Media System

My Media System

The target of any wrap software is to do using original system easier without patching it. MMS – My Media System does the same. It integrates VDR, Mplayer and Xine into one easy install and configure system.

MMS allows to you manage, display and play media content such as videos, music and pictures on your TV. It’s translated to 11 languages (Russian is one of them :)).

The latest version of MMS can be downloaded here, installation instructions are available for Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo and SuSe.

Fly in the ointment: I didn’t use MMS on practice. So, maybe I missed something but I don’t understand why it’s needed to install MMS if VDR can do the same things from the box and even more. But anyway, MMS seems good system to build your home media center!

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    1. acmelabs, 21. November 2007, 17:22

      Did you ever try to watch a diashow with VDR? 😉
      VDR is good for recordings, but the plugins VDR provides are honestly speaking poor looking, slow and designed for a CRT. You can call VDR a poor’s man media center, but actually VDR isn’t one, it’s a settop-box replacement, and a very good one in deed.
      I’m using MMS in my living room for almost 3 years, and I am very happy with it.

  • Michael Stepanov, 22. November 2007, 11:46

    I don’t tell that VDR is bad. Just the reverse, I think that it’s excellent! What I said the VDR is a all-sufficient media software. Using it together with plug-ins you can everything 🙂 So, IMHO there is no reason to create an another media center software which uses VDR as PVR part. If I understand clearly MMS does this 🙂 But this is a my opinion based on theoretical knowledges. I’ll be glad to see your arguments in favour of MMS.

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