MyTVPAL surpasses Apple TV and Joost!

I posted press releases about products of MatrixStream a few times. MatrixStream offers VOD and IPTV via limited bandwidth:

With MyTVPAL.COM you can view over 1000 + free live TV channels and thousands of video on demand movies, documentaries, extreme sports, Travel, and IMAX 15/70 formatted titles, in DVD and High Definition streaming instantly on their PC via PC Player and TV via set top box. MyTVPAL streams instantly over any 1.5mbps or better connections.

Since there are many similar services such Apple TV, Cinema Now, Movielink, Babelgum, Joost etc it’s time for Matrixstream product MyTVPAL to be compared with them. According to short post on the it has all chances to be the best IPTV/VOD solution.

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    1. DaveK, 26. June 2007, 17:30 are massive spammers, they are sending millions of junk mails, flooding mailing lists and newsgroups all over the internet. They are criminal scum. You giving publicity to these bastards – why don’t you write a follow-up about their dishonest and illegal business techniques?

  • Michael Stepanov, 29. June 2007, 9:41

    Hi Davek. I write about technologies and not about company business techniques. As I see, MatrixStream develops good IPTV solution but how they promote it – it’s another story. So, you posted here your opinion about that company. Most probably, people who read my blog will pay attention on it. Anyway, thanks for your comment!

  • Rob, 3. July 2007, 21:58

    Hi David,

    I think your comments are a little harsh and out of the line. did not send out any spams. We discovered recently one of our forms was used by spammers to send out emails. We have corrected the problem. We don’t send out any spams via the email.

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