Build a silent MythTV Set-top Box

Here is an example of silent MythTV Set-top Box. Actually, I said STB because it isn’t full-featured HTPC. It contains flash card instead of HDD to reduce noise and heat generation. So, I suspect it should use external storage to record TV show (MythTV records(?) every channel that you watch in real time). TV tuner is also for your choice. You may use HDHomeRun which is compatible with MythTV.


1. Via ME6000 Motherboard/CPU
2. 256MB RAM (I’d go with 512MB next time)
3. Morex Cubid 2677 Mini-ITX Case
4. 1GB Compact Flash card (you could get by on a much smaller card knowing what I know now)
5. Compact Flash to IDE Adapter
6. StreamZap USB Remote Control
7. DVD-ROM, Laptop (thin) style (optional, as you’ll see later)


1. MiniMyth on Compact Flash

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