Clever Media Control system

Clever Media Control Server
The new Clever Media Control system (CMCS) is designed to allow Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition to sit at the heart of a whole house digital media solution. It can be used for viewing, searching and playing back music stored on MCE and for controlling the multi-room audio distribution system as well as other commonly used entertainment products.
The original CMCS user interface is based on a touch-screen application. So, the ideal control panel for it is some Windows-based UMPC such Samsung Q1. Additionally, CMCS uses the Autonomic Home MCE Control Server to provide part of its feature set. This makes CMC Server compatible with both AMX and Creston control tablets in addition to the CMC Client.

CMCS can control multi-room audio distribution products from NuVo and Russound. So, it might be a good solution to build music system for your home if you prefer Windows as OS.

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    1. peter, 28. May 2007, 9:20

      how to link ?
      which protocol ?

  • Michael Stepanov, 29. May 2007, 16:46

    I suppose it uses WiFi (TCP/IP protocol) to communicate between Internet Tablet and Windows Media Center. For AMX and Creston it uses the same TCP/IP but protocol is proprietary I suspect.

  • petersong, 17. June 2007, 9:36

    oh ,tks
    ams n creston r so expensive in China
    Many protocol develop smarthome not together
    I sale smarthome terminal in China!

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