7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat

7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat

Smarhome offers a 7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat. It compatible with both heat/cool and heat pump systems and my control up to three heat stages or/and two cool stages. The thermostat functionality can be extended by adding phone controller which allows to adjust a temperature via phone. To program your thermostat you can use Totaline EZ Thermostat Programmer. If you prefer to use remote control then you can just add IR receiver for your 7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat.
Finally, you can control a compatible humidifier by connecting the Thermostat Humidity Module to your thermostat. This accesory also allows your thermostat to display relative humidity levels or trigger a dehumidity process. Additional features include an auxiliary heat indicator and the option of adding an outdoor sensor.

The 7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat is available on Smarthome.com at $114.99. If you don’t need the program for 7 days you might be interested in the same model but with program for one day only. It’s chipper but for $30 only.

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      Programmable digital thermostat is really cool. It helps you save energy and gives you convenience.


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