LinuxMCE Version 1.1 is released

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Plutohome fork LinuxMCE started its own life. The version 1.1 is released today. The new LinuxMCE is based on Kubuntu Feisty and integrated with KDE Desktop. The problem with Gnome was that ” the window manager in the Gnome desktop in Ubuntu does not support compositing and some of the other extensions needed to deliver a rich multi-media experience.” With new implementation LinuxMCE is running as a normal application and simply appears as an extra KDE desktop.
New version of LinuxMCE is available for downloading via BitTorrent. But remember that Kubuntu Feisty should be installed first. All bug reports can be posted here.
I already downloaded Kubuntu Feisty. So tonight I’ll install it on VMWave and download LinuxMCE 1.1 ISO (I hope).

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    1. Kirill Belokurov, 17. May 2007, 16:13

      To be precise, this is not a release of LinuxMCE 1.1, this is 1st beta of 1.1

  • Michael Stepanov, 17. May 2007, 16:17

    Correct. But I mean that new release of LinuxMCE was issued (beta or stable – doesn’t matter :))

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