Z-Wave Converges with TCP/IP

Zensys, developer of the award-winning Z-Wave wireless home control standard, yesterday announced the Z/IP program to drive convergence of Z-Wave and TCP/IP while simultaneously beginning to license Z-Wave to other chip manufacturers:

By converging Z-Wave with TCP/IP, Zensys will enable standard based end-to-end home control networks and applications from anywhere on the Internet all the way into sensor networks. It will allow for the use of TCP/IP technology and knowledge in new applications directly on low cost, low power devices. As with all previous Z-Wave protocol advances, Z/IP will remain backwards compatible with existing Z-Wave products while adding compliant TCP/IP services to Z-Wave nodes and will allow the use of proven Z-Wave device and command classes in TCP/IP networks.

For end users, a primary benefit of TCP/IP convergence with Z-Wave will be the transparent use of home control applications from any location using any device, gateway or network. Given the findings from the Z-Wave Alliance/Kelton Research study conducted earlier this year that 72 percent of Americans want to monitor their home while away, there is obviously a real demand for simplifying wireless home control and automation applications.

Many home control system supports Z-Wave devices. You can use them with Plutohome.

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