Nokia rev’s Linux tablet firmware

Nokia released new firmware for its 770 and N800 Internet tablets. “OS 2007 Hacker Edition” for Nokia770 includes many applications back ported from the newer N800’s firmware.

The “3.2007.10-7” firmware release for N800 reportedly improves video and Flash performance, adds support for the device’s built-in FM radio, and increases Opera browser stability. However, the update still leaves the N800 unable to render Flash websites such as YouTube well, nor to properly display some websites based on AJAX and other recent technologies
The new firmware releases for the 770 and N800 are both based on Maemo 3.1and are distributed through Nokia’s website.

I’m thinking about upgrade of my Nokia770 but probably later. Currently, I’m near to finish adaption Plutohome Orbiter for that Internet Tablet. Hope it’ll be released next week.

[via LinuxDevices]

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