The Tornado M10 Digital Media Center

SysMaster M10 set-top box

Here is a good example of modern Set-Top-Box (STB) which is usually used to bring IPTV to your home. Ordinary STB can just receive TV stream via LAN, decode it and display it on TV. The Tornado M10 Digital Media Center does the same but additionally it allows following:

  • Digital music and Internet radio delivery
  • VoIP SIP phone with peer auto discovery (devices on same LAN can talk directly without a gateway)
  • MPEG4 video and MP3 audio compression
  • Video conference H.263 support
  • Media extension center functionality (access PC on TV screen, scan PCs for media files)
  • Enhanced voicemail system with unified messaging (up to 80 messages can be retrieved via phone or web)
  • Online chat and email clients (ICQ, AIM, MSN chat while watching TV)
  • News and weather reports delivery

The M10 has a built-in mic and speakers, and can function as a speakerphone. With an SD memory card or optional hard disk connected to its USB port, it can record scheduled programs or pause live TV, according to the company. Additionally, the M10’s USB port supports X10 devices. So, you may control(?) your home X10-based appliance.
The Tornado M10 Digital Media Center is based on modern Linux kernel – 2.6.19. It support a range of voice and video decoders and/or codecs, including MPEG4/SP, MP3, G.711 (A-law and Mu-law), G.726 (16/24/32/40 kbps), and G.729. Supported data networking protocols include IPv4 (upgradeable to IPv6), ARP, DNS, DHCP, ICMP, TCP UDP, RTP, DiffServ, and SNTP.

Tornado M10 Digital Media Center is available immediately, with suggested retail pricing of $170, or $200 with WiFi. Probably, this STB may replace your PC 🙂

[via LinuxDevices]

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