WEBT@LKER 5000 call via Skype without PC

WEBT@LKER 5000 with Skype

Topcom presented its PC-less wired Skype telephone at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2007 – WEBT@LKER 5000. It allows to you communicate with your Skype friends for free or use Skype-out to call many places all over the world at very low rates without having to switch on your computer. You need just connect the WEBT@LKER 5000 to the broadband Internet connection via some router and it will be ready to make internet phone calls.
To make your work with Skype easier the phone has a large 2.4” color display and useful hardkeys, echo cancellation technology and high quality speaker for handsfree operation.
Additionally, using Topcom Wireless Expansion Kit the WEBT@LKER 5000 can be connected to the wireless network as well.
No any words about price and availability yet.

[via AVING Network]

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    1. Matt Needham, 22. March 2008, 22:02

      I have recently bought a Topcom Webtalker 5000 (due primarily to its supposedly high quality speakerphone) from the Skype web site. I need to be able to use this in my office (upstairs). However, I have no PSTN/BT line in this room, and my PC is connected via a wireless broadband router in my kitchen (downstairs). My issue is therefore that it makes no sense to connect the phone to the wireless router, as I would never use it downstairs.

      I am guessing my options are:

      – to enable wireless capability on the phone (although I understand there is an expansion kit, which fits into the USB port on the device, no-one seems to sell it and there is no informtaion on the Topcom website)
      – plug the device into my PC (although my PC does not seem to recognise the device using a standard male-to-male USB connection)

      Can someone help, as I am pulling my hair out…?


  • Michael Stepanov, 24. March 2008, 0:21

    As a simple solution, Matt, you can use some Ethernet over Power adaptors. Just connect one to the router downstairs and another one – upstairs. Then connect your Topcom Webtalker 5000 to that adaptor. You don’t seen additional wires in that case.

  • Arizona Realtor, 2. November 2010, 4:06

    Skype has saved me a ton. It has eliminated the need for a landline.

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