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Yet another multiroom music system

The moodSeer multiroom music system

Magic Home Entertainment announced its multi-room music system – moodSeer. The system includes three components: moodCenter, moodSpot and moodBeamer handhold controller. The last one is nothing else than Nokia770 with custom image (I’m thinking about the same solution for Plutohome Orbiter).
The server keeps all your music. Plus you can connect it to the Internet to get Internet radio, podcasts and more. The moodSpot can be connected to powered speakers or the stereo you already have in the room. It will even connect to many boom boxes. You can connect from 6 to 36 moodSpots in your home, for music wherever you want it.
After import your music to the moodServer it stores all tracks and categorizes them according to mood. So, you choose your mood using moodBeamer handheld controller and listen music according to the mood. It’s cool and so easy.
The system also offers a support of mobile MP3 players and follow-me mode (when you listen music on one room and then decide to move to another room the music will be also transferred to the second room).
The price of moodSeer is $4100 for 1Tb moodServer and $1500 for each moodSpot (probably Nokia770 is free :)).
Recently I already blog about Linux-based DIY similar system. Generally, it’s similar to moodSeer except that the Linux-system is fully open and customizable. And also it costs much less.
If you’d like to listen mood music but don’t want to pay so much you might be interested in Squeezebox-based system which may communicates with your PC, Internet radio and file storage and build “smart” playlist according to a ‘genome map’ of music using Pandora service.

JVC Sophisti DD-3 brings media from PC

JVC Sophisti DD-3

Recently JVC presented its Sophisti DD-3 – compact and stylish media system which allows to play computer-based music and video files to your audio/video devices. It includes a DVD player, an AM/FM tuner and inputs for connecting other components, subwoofer and three speakers. Also, Sophisti DD-3 features an Ethernet connection that hooks it up to a PC, letting you retrieve media content from your PC via LAN.
Moreover, the system contains USB Host allowing you to connect your digital devices to the system. This includes flash audio players, USB drives, digital cameras and card readers.
The Sophisti’s main unit houses a built-in decoding of Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II soundtracks. An HDMI interface ensures that crisp and clear pictures are seen on the TV. The system supports JPEG, MP3, WMA, WAV (PCM), AC3, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MS MP4 v3, DivX. The 220 watts system has the patented Direct Drive technology.
The system is available for $1000.

[source: Gizmodo]

Squeezebox and MP3tunes Music Locker now are friends


After buying Slime Devices Logitech added support to the online MP3tunes Music Locker service for its Squeezebox. MP3tunes Music Locker is a service which allow to you store your music content online. So you’ll able to listen it anywhere where Internet connection exits.
Now with Sqeezebox you can play music from your PC and from MP3tunes Music Locker as well.

A premium MP3tunes Music Locker costs $39.95 a year which includes unlimited storage space, bandwidth and device access (you also get a two month free trial period with that).

Build LinuxMCE from the scratch

LinuxMCE logo
LinuxMCE wiki page Building From Source 1.1 describes how to build LinuxMCE version 1.1 from sources. Actually, it works only for Ubuntu. But theoretically it may allow to you build LinuxMCE under your favourite Linux distribution.
Personally, I like and prefer Fedora. I’m familiar with this distribution and I feel a bit absent with Debian or Ubuntu when I cannot find usual commands. So, LinuxMCE gives us a good opportunity to build open source home automation system and feel comfortable with it. launches HD IPTV Streaming Video of Content originally filmed in IMAX® 15/70

MyTVpal STB, the world’s first instant streaming 1080p PC player and Set Top Box (“STB”) video on demand (“VOD”) service will soon be showcasing or more specifically, streaming video of large format films originally filmed in an IMAX® 15/70 format, scoring an industry first, adding sixteen related 1080p high definition VOD movies to its roster of titles. Titles to be included
are Australia: Land Beyond Time, Amazing Journeys, Lost Worlds, and Africa: The Serengeti.

Using patent pending XMS streaming solution offered through MatrixStream Technology,Inc., ushers in the next level of Full HD (1920 x 1080) IP high definition performance via its MX-1 HD STB for TV.

A recent iSuppli Corp. report estimates worldwide IPTV subscriber totals to grow from approximately 3.9 million in 2006 to 103 million by 2011, and predicts IPTV subscription revenue will grow more over the same period from $960.5 million to $39.1 billion.’s brand of internet VOD streaming service is in position to capture sizable market share and can presently offer millions of broadband users worldwide an alternative to satellite or cable for viewing HD videos.

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