Plutohome is out!

pluto logo The new version of home automation system Plutohome was released last week. The version contains only bugfixes (you an see a full change log here). I waited this version because a) it contains a MythTV package built with support DVB and b) the problem with sending OFF event to the GSD device was fixed there.
Additionally, the OpenGL libraries were removed from the dependencies of SDL Orbiter. So, now it’s possible to build Plutohome Orbiter for Nokia770 (N800) for os2006/2007. You can find binary files here.
There is a serious problem in the Plutohome – upgrade to the new version. It causes a lot of problems. I suspect that it’ll be much better to stay on some version (but it’s difficult – basically there is not s stable version of Plutohome) and do a fresh installation when it needs in upgrade. But all custom stuff – scenarios, GSD devices, Ruby code etc transfer manually using some scripts.
Anyway, we have to reinstall our server to have all functionality working properly.

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