GSM Doorbell

GSM doorbell

Smarthome cannot be without smart doorbell. You can find wireless doorbells, with support MP3, working like IP phone. So, you can find anything you want. But the Dutch wireless start-up Waleli surprised announsing its new product – The Waleli GSM doorbell.
This doorbell is a clever application for GSM mobile phone technology, allowing people to answer their doorbell, talk to visitors, and even open the door, whether they are at home or not. All via their GSM mobile phones.
The GSM Doorbell looks like any other doorbell you might find on a house. When a caller pushes the GSM Doorbell, it rings the resident’s mobile phone via the international GSM network. The visitor can talk to the resident via the small intercom panel next to the bell push. The GSM doorbell can also be linked to an electronic door release, allowing the resident to unlock the front door from the mobile phone keypad, using a secret code.
When the householder is at home and doesn’t need the GSM mobile functionality, the GSM doorbell can be switched to normal doorbell mode with a single keypush.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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