Water Flood Alarm

Water Flood Alarm

If you don’t want to hear a screaming of your neighbors because your washing machine or bath made a small flood WATER FLOOD ALARM is four you! The principal is simple enough, in case of leaking water, the humidity sensor will detect the fluctuation in the ambient relative humidity and will warn you instantly with a loud alarm tone. Just place it near washing machine, dishwasher, water pump, bathtub, aquarium, etc and it’ll notify you about the flood. The price of the WATER FLOOD ALARM is 6 EUR (I suspect that it’s dealer price).

[via Ideal Gadget]

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    1. Water damage, 26. February 2010, 22:48

      That is a great invention and can save you thousands. This particlar unit though will only really be helpful if you are sleeping when the water damage occurs because its not linked up to anything that would shut the water off if you were away from the home.

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