Make Way for Logitech’s Harmony 890

Logitech Harmony

If you’re tired of a bunch of audio-video remote controls and you’d like to consolidate their functionality in one of those cheapie manually programmable “universal” remotes, Logitech’s Harmony 890 just might be what you’re looking for. The 890 comes with a combination USB-based battery charger and dock to connect it to your computer. The 890 Windows-based software provides a nice interface for defining your devices (audio-video components) and putting them together in a variety of useful on-off, initialization combinations.
Harmony 890 allows to control up to 15 devices, including any home-entertainment equipment, plus lighting and household appliances.
The price of Harmony 890 is about $399.00. It isn’t cheap but I hope that this price is defensible.

[via Gear Digest]

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