Install MiniMyth to Compact Flash

Booting MiniMyth from a Compact Flash card is a great way to build a Silent MythTV Frontend. Although many MiniMyth users boot their systems by booting over the network, this may add a level of complexity that you would prefer to avoid.

Hardware Requirements:

  • MiniMyth Supported Base System
  • Compact Flash to IDE Adapter – This is what will enable your MythFrontend to boot from the compact flash card.
  • Compact Flash Card – The card MiniMyth is loaded onto. 64MB may work, but I’d go with 128MB or more. You can find 1GB cards for under $40.
  • USB Compact Flash Card Reader – This is what we will use from another system to load MiniMyth onto the compact flash card.
  • For more information have a look this article on MythPVR.

  • Linux System – We will need a Linux system to use to install onto the compact flash card using the USB Compact Flash Reader.

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