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LukWerks Digital Video Surveillance System Starter Kit is a good start point to develop a surveillance security system for your home. The kit includes Luk Outdoor Camera, USB Receiver, USB Cable, Wall/Overhang/Post Mount Bracket. The software includes Werks Surveillance Software and Free Remote Viewing Technology.
You can install the outdoor camera surveillance system easily by yourself. It won’t take more than 30 minutes.
The kit is available in the Wilife on-line shop at $299.00.
You can find more indoor, outdoor or even spy cameras, related software and accessories on the Wilife site.

Update: there are no any words about compatibility with Vista. But some users claim that Luk Surveillance Software doesn’t work under Vista.

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    1. David V., 9. February 2007, 7:50

      Found out the hard way that Lukwerks will not run in Windows Vista. Nothing on their website about the fact that they won’t have a compatible software release until “late spring of 2007.” So I’m posting this where I can in the hope that unlike me, anyone considering a whole new system to use with Lukwerks cameras won’t waste their time and money.

  • Michael Stepanov, 9. February 2007, 10:30

    Thanks a lot, David. It’s useful note about this system. It looks good but its developers should describe system requirements more carefully. Vista is out now. So, people are staring using it.

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