Bye Bye Standby


Once I already wrote about Elecrtisave – small gadget which monitors using of electricity to reduce the bill and save ecology. Here is an another device – Bye Bye Standby. It may do the same just avoiding to waste the power in Standby Mode. You need just plug a Smart Socket into a mains wall socket and plug an electrical appliance into it. Make sure the Green Switch and the Smart Socket are set to the same House Code and Appliance Number – for example ‘A1’. You can now switch your appliances on and off wirelessly from up to 30m away using the Green Switch – by doing so you will avoid leaving your devices on standby.
Using this gadget may save up to £38 from your electricity bill per year. Actually, it’s not so big amount. Moreover, if you have some devices such as PVR which are switched on according to some events or scheduler or your PC goes to hibernate mode instead of shutdown, it isn’t appropriate solution for you.

[via AutomatedHome]

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