Plutohome is out

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Plutohome development team released a version last Friday. The changes are following:

  • Orbiter improvements: added support ATI video adapters, a new GUI – UI2 is working better.
  • Optimizations of UpdateMedia functionality: it saves now long attributes, coverarts and bookmarks.
  • Ability to create software raid 0,1 and 5 (Advanced -> Configuration -> RAID from pluto web admin).
  • Fully recompiling Xorg 7.1.1.
  • Migrating most of the nfs shares to cifs.
  • Window managers switching from icewm to xfwm4.
  • Z-Wave extending with more commands and supporting PIR devices.

Plutohome can be downloaded here: CD1, CD2.
If you already have Plutohome installation just reboot your core server. A new version will be downloaded and installed automatically. If you disable this feature (as I did) just login to the your core and run
to download new packages and
to install them.
I’m downloading updates to my test installation. So, I hope today after lunch I’ll able to see and test it.

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    1. Caiman, 18. January 2007, 0:06

      How does one disable automatic upgrades ?

  • Michael Stepanov, 18. January 2007, 10:53

    Well, you can temporary comment all deb URLs in /etc/apt/sources.list. When you will be ready to do upgrade just uncomment them.
    The second way is disable script /usr/pluto/bin/ which actually updates the system.
    But maybe the best way is to create yourself package repository, synchronize it with Pluto repository after you will be sure that everything ok and get updates from your repository.
    Please, see more details about Plutohome update functionality here.

  • Chuck Lyons, 20. January 2007, 19:40

    It sure would be nice to see some images of the ‘new’ functionality, as in the case of the upgraded UI…the last time I tried Pluto the UI was extremely amateurish, functional, but dull…

  • Michael Stepanov, 21. January 2007, 14:16

    I suspect that you’re talking about UI1 which looks simple. Plutohome development team offer another 2 UIs based on OpenGL: with alfa transparency and without. Those UIs are “green” but they seem very attractive. I’ll try to make some screen shot or video soon.

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