Control your x10 devices with HomeLife

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The English company Lifetime Software offers its HomeLife – a software package which allows to control x10 devices via web interface or via phone. The system uses X10 CM12U (or equivalent) interface to connect x10 devices with PC. The software uses a true client/server architecture, the server runs as a windows service and communicates to clients using TCP/IP, giving you full remote access to your home automation system. The client uses the latest .NET framework to provide a modern and easy to use user interface.

There is a free version of HomeLife which allows to connect up to 4 devices. The activation of full-functional version is £34.99.
As you can see, this solution is only for Windows users. So, Linux geeks should find something else.MisterHouse, for example, or Plutohome.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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