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Running VDR on Mac OS X

vdr and mac os

VDR is one of the most popular and power Linux-based front-end for the HTPC. It has a cleaver architecture and a lot of plugins. Using streamdev-server it’s possible to stream live TV over LAN. As client you can any PC with installed VideoLAN or mplayer. But in that case some functionality will be lost. Here is a way how to use Mac with Mac OS as streamdev client. I suspect that it’s the first step to port VDR under Mac OS. As there are no DVB device drivers for OS X with Linux headers you cannot use DVB devices on Mac. But you can enjoy full-featured VDR client on your Mac (thanks to Tero Siironen).

Bye Bye Standby


Once I already wrote about Elecrtisave – small gadget which monitors using of electricity to reduce the bill and save ecology. Here is an another device – Bye Bye Standby. It may do the same just avoiding to waste the power in Standby Mode. You need just plug a Smart Socket into a mains wall socket and plug an electrical appliance into it. Make sure the Green Switch and the Smart Socket are set to the same House Code and Appliance Number – for example ‘A1’. You can now switch your appliances on and off wirelessly from up to 30m away using the Green Switch – by doing so you will avoid leaving your devices on standby.
Using this gadget may save up to £38 from your electricity bill per year. Actually, it’s not so big amount. Moreover, if you have some devices such as PVR which are switched on according to some events or scheduler or your PC goes to hibernate mode instead of shutdown, it isn’t appropriate solution for you.

[via AutomatedHome]

Auto-Dialer Calls When Triggered By Security System


When your security system triggers some events you should be notified about it. One way to do it is 4 Number Automatic Voice Dialer. It allows to record two different messages and store up to four phone numbers. It’s possible to call to land line phone, cellular phones and pagers.
The 4-Number Automatic Voice Dialer will redial an unanswered phone number up to 10 times. Each message of up to 16 seconds will be repeated twice in order to ensure that the full message is received, in case the number goes to a voice mailbox or answering machine. Additional features include EEPROM memory that keeps programmed data if power is lost.
The Auto-Dialer is available on smarthome site at price $124.99 but now you can buy it at special price – $116.99.

Sony VAIO TP1 Living Room PC

sony Vaio TP1 Living Room PC

Sony showed a new conception of HTPC – VAIO TP1. It’s stylish and power and it’s won’t break design of your living room. TP1 features Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 300GB HDD. It run Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. There are following IN/OUT: an analog cable input, two USB ports, an audio input, a headphone jack, a microphone jack, optical out, Ethernet port, S-Video, HDMI out, and VGA out on the back side of TP1.

No word on pricing and availability yet.

[via Krunker]

Control Your TV With Your Voice!

Invoca 3.0 Voice-Activated IR Remote

Tell your TV what do, without lifting a finger! The InVoca 3.0 Voice-Activated IR Remote uses the sound of your voice to control your TV, VCR, DVD player, cable box, satellite receiver, even your entire home theater system, up to four different devices! You can even program multi-step macros or use this voice-activated remote control’s channel scan option for hands-free surfing.
I have no idea about a quality of this remote but it’s price extremely low – just $49.99! Taking into account that InVoca 3.0 supports voice macros it very real price.

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