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MythTV + Fedora Core 5 = MythDora

MythDora MythDora 3.1 – based on Fedora Core 5 distribution included the latest MythTV is released.Changes include:

  • Turned off mythbackend at boot time
  • X now restarts after the setup menu and allows Nvidia module to be probed
  • Created workaround for network connection during setup
  • Updated to MythTV-0.20-147
  • Redid saa7134 capture card setup
  • Added in newer k9copy package
  • Readded Imon remote control
  • Split MySQL mythtvsetup commands into two files
  • Added the pcHDTV 5500 to setup menu
  • Removed stale release notes with new ones
  • Added in powersave program with dependencies

You can Download the ISO, read MythDora Installation HOWTO or see screencast.

[via MythPVR]

Control your home with HomeVision

TS Main

HomeVision is a is a stand-alone automation controller which includes two-way infrared, two-way x10, 24 digital inputs/outputs, two-way serial interface and battery-backed clock. Main unit can be connected to the TV to display control menu on it. Moreover, HomeVision has built-in web server to easy configure it via web browser.

HomeVision allows to build flexible and expanded system to control lighting, A/V equipment, security system and climate.

There are available two modifications of HomeVision: HomeVision-PC – a similar as HomeVision but a lower cost and requires the PC to be running with additional software, and HomeVision-Pro which integrates all of HomeVision‘s functions and adds even more.

Electrical outlet to network connection

XE104G Netgear offers easy way to extend the Internet to any room in your home without having to run new wires – XE104G. XE104G is a 85 Mbps Wall-Plugged Ethernet Switch. Simply plug one XE104 into your router and another XE104 (up to 4 can be used) to any Ethernet-ready devices including a PC, a gaming console, Netgear’s SC101 Storage Central, a Slingboxâ„¢ a DVR or Netgear’s PS121 USB Print Server.

The XE104 works with 2 or 3 prong standard 110 volt electrical outlets and is compatible with any standard 10 or 100Mbps Ethernet drive. The switch reaches data rates up to 85Mbps with other XE104 PowerLine devices. The XE104 4-port switch is ideal for setting up a LAN party in minutes.

Sqeezebox + Infrants ReadyNAS

Infrants ReadyNAS

SqueezeBox is a compact music streamer which allows to play a music from PC or listen internet radio. It connects to LAN via WiFi or Ethernet cable. Actually, SqueezeBox needs PC to get music content only. SlimDevices together with Infrant Technologies solved this by releasing ReadyNAS NV – the first commercially available NAS device to come pre-loaded with SlimServer Software. This allows to SqueezeBox connect to the NAS directly and get music files omitting PC.
There is a special offer – 1Tb ReadyNAS NV and 2 Squeezeboxes – for $1499.00

Dlink Wireless HD Media Player

DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player

Dlink DSM-520 is a Wireless HD Media Player. It allows to stream music, photos, and high-definition videos to your home entertainment system over LAN. Moreover, it allows to listen the Internet radio and see content from Premium Online Services. The DSM-520 connects to your existing home network using either 802.11g wireless technology or via Ethernet cable.

The DSM-520 sports a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connector to connect directly to the HD TV. Also, it includes component, S-video and composite outputs. Audio comes from coax and optical digital audio outputs and offers high fidelity digital surround sound.

The DSM-520 supports all well-known audio/video/graphical formats. It looks pretty nice and blended in with your other home entertainment devices, makes your home theater setup complete.

Dlink Wireless HD Media Player  is available at price $249.99. Other media streamer – Sqeezebox, cannot stream video and photos  but costs about $300. So, it might be more reasonable to buy DSM-520.

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