Dlink Wireless HD Media Player

DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player

Dlink DSM-520 is a Wireless HD Media Player. It allows to stream music, photos, and high-definition videos to your home entertainment system over LAN. Moreover, it allows to listen the Internet radio and see content from Premium Online Services. The DSM-520 connects to your existing home network using either 802.11g wireless technology or via Ethernet cable.

The DSM-520 sports a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connector to connect directly to the HD TV. Also, it includes component, S-video and composite outputs. Audio comes from coax and optical digital audio outputs and offers high fidelity digital surround sound.

The DSM-520 supports all well-known audio/video/graphical formats. It looks pretty nice and blended in with your other home entertainment devices, makes your home theater setup complete.

Dlink Wireless HD Media Player  is available at price $249.99. Other media streamer – Sqeezebox, cannot stream video and photos  but costs about $300. So, it might be more reasonable to buy DSM-520.

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    1. Jaak Ennuste, 21. January 2007, 16:44

      In generai I like dsm-520 a lot. Still 3 major wishes:
      1. d-sub or dvi output for pc monitor. Sometimes I’d like to use this equipment separately.
      2. screen saver. Keeping receiver on all day long on mu plasma burs static characters in. I dont like it!
      3. D-Link server software is too slow, If you have 5000+ tracks or so. In this case I recommend for example TwonkyMedia server.

      More jacksgadgets.blogspot.com/

  • Michael Stepanov, 22. January 2007, 12:03

    Well done, Jaak! It’s good to see an opinion of DSM-520 owner! I’ll check TwonkyMedia server. It seems cool!

  • Jaak Ennuste, 30. January 2007, 19:38

    Small correction about screen saver. DSM has one, buit there are situatins, when it doesn’t swich on for some reason in conjunction with playing movies. They just have to remove this bug.

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