ALL-IN-ONE Touch Screen Integrated Controller


The CuTOUCH is all in one single touch-screen unit from Comfile Technology. It comes integrated with industrial controller, Blue & White Graphic LCD, Touch-input processor, opto-isolated I/O boards (CT1721 only), analog inputs & outputs, and Plug-N-Play support for Relays boards. All logic can be programmed using BASIC language or Relay Ladder Logic. Graphics for touchscreen can easily be implemented using CuCANVAS, a graphic program in which you can create boxes, circles, and lines just like a paint program. To communicate with others PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), HMI (Human Machine Interface) or PC CuTOUCH supports MODBUS protocol.

You can buy the top model of CuTOUCH for $399.00.

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    1. Giassai, 11. September 2008, 0:45

      Although the overall idea is really good (2 indipendent processor, one could be assigned to the machine and the other to the panel), the BASIC choice wins commercially but looses technically. I can’t understand why so many embedded factory insists in using this (bad) high level language for low level tasks.

      In the CUTOUCH case, the biggest weakness is you can’t hide data shared by more functions, making library development useless. Serious applications are from hard to impossible to do…


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