Take the pulse of your home

Pulse main 440

Aspalis SAS together with Navicom presents the Pulse – controller for home automation. It’s based on Intel® IXP420 Network Processor, which offers a scaleable solution while keeping energy consumption and heat dissipation to a minimum. As OS the Pulse uses Microsoft® Windows® Embedded CE 5.0 (not Linux, unfortunatelly), which can be managed and updated remotely.

The controller includes an integrated KNX/EIB bus connector. Additionaly, it supports Z-Wave protocol.Multiple serial ports offer RS232/422/435 connections to systems such as alarm panels, access control systems, irrigation controllers, etc. The controllers also features two USB 2.0 ports and dual 10/100 Ethernet ports which enable the controller to connect to both WAN and LAN connections.

There are varius devices which can be used as the Pulse control console: smartphones, PDA, Tablet or ordinary PC. They should be based on Windows – Mobile, Embedded or XP with .NET Compact Framework v2.0.

There is not any information about availability and cost of the Pulse.
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