Snapalarm: the elegant smoke detector

Snapalarm smoke detector

Snapalarm offers the easiest way to be notified about any wafts of smoke in the event of a fire. To install the elegant smoke detector is extremely easy. You can get it just for £27.99. The Snapalarm is available in back and white colors which should be suitable for most of cases.

Unfortunatelly, I didn’t find any useful information about internal structure and possibility to integrate the detector with home automation system.
[via Ubergizmo]

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    Wireless installations seem to be popular these days because they take shorter time and are cheaper. The decision still remains to the homeowner which one he/she would prefer – the hard-wired or the wireless kind – as long as it is proven reliable in times of potential danger. When a product is introduced to the market, it undergoes various kinds of processes and that includes a review to see if it was able to perform its expected capability. Either way, the important thing is that you are showing how much you value your family and home's safety by adding a protective measure against potential danger.

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