– North America’s first 1080P High Definition IPTV Service

IMX1020, the world’s first 1080P high definition streaming Video on Demand (“VOD”) and IPTV service for PC Player and IPTV receiver set top box (STB) clients will be launching this week.

The service to start, will offer over 700 free IPTV channels from over 70 countries, including standard definition and high definition channels to any broadband user with 1.5mbps speed or higher. A wide range of video on demand titles will be offered for a low monthly cost in the months to come with new TV channels and VOD titles being added each month.

User uploaded content and DVR features will be available as a software upgrade for PC and STB clients in 2007. is planning to release 100,000 MatrixStream IPTV 1080p set top box ( in the first year of launch.

The PC Player and STB also offers targeted advertising opportunities for those advertisers who are contracted with is targeting 10 million users over the next 5 years and is currently making its PC Player available for a free trial for those that register at MatrixStream Technologies, Inc., an IPTV end-to-end solution provider based in the San Francisco Bay Area, powers’s IPTV platform.

About, operated by BB Entertainment Inc., is a leading edge content aggregator focused on IPTV platform with over 15,000 hours of content. mission is to create an enhanced television experience by delivering high quality video entertainment with video quality that meet or exceed the quality of satellite or cable over the broadband network.

About MatrixStream

MatrixStream Technologies, Inc. offers a complete end-to-end VOD and IPTV platform solution, utilizing patent pending MatrixCast technology that delivers DVD and HDTV quality videos over any broadband IP network to the viewing audience. Currently, MatrixStream is working with 25 major broadband service providers around the world. For more information please visit

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