Budget case for HTPC


floppyhead.com offers three nice-looking HTPC cases with a price less than $100:

  • Antec Fusion ($95). Being 17.5″ wide, this case would look great with other stereo equipment. It has two internal drive bays for hard drives.
  • nMediaPC HTPC-200 ($99.99). This case is also a microATX case. Many reviews indicate that you should use a DVD drive that is shorter in length from a manuafacturer like Lite-on or Benq.

Note that all prices are from Newegg.com on November 21, 2006.

The only one very important (IMHO) feature is not presented in those cases. This is an IR receiver. This means that you have to use some external IR receiver to control your HTPC via remote. I don’t like this. In my mind, it’s better when it’s built-in. For example, into VDF display. But anyway, one of those cases is definitely good option to build home HTPC.
[via PVR Wire]

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